Clinton Marina

Lake Clinton Marina mosaic gallery32 photos by Trina Baker Lawrence Kansas

1. Calm Waters, 2. Blurred Marina, 3. Fishing, 4. Dock, 5. Fisherman, 6. Gull, 7. Bouy & Heron, 8. Sailboats, 9. Clinton Lake Marina


I braved the chilly temps today to head out to Clinton Lake to play with my new Nikon D300s.  I am absolutely in love with this camera.  Although I loved my D80, you never know what you were missing until you have it.  I wanted to emphasize the light today so I edited them mostly in Black & White.  There was just enough sunlight to add some splendid drama over the water. If you want to view the images larger just click on the links under the mosaic and it will take you to my flickr page.  I will be sending out my January newsletter later today so don’t forget to sign up.


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