Afternoon Filtered Tree Light

My friend Ashley and I decided to take a break this afternoon.  We strolled around the KU campus rockin’ our new Kelly Moore camera bags and basking in the lovely Autumn light.  Ashley tried out my 50mm lens and I think she enjoyed shooting with the “Nifty Fifty”.  In this image, I really wanted to play up the light and the contrast of the dark tree trunks.  I like the starkness of the trunks against the fall leaves and the light cascading on the ground.  It was an enjoyable afternoon spent with a fellow photographer  and getting to geek out about our cameras.  Sometimes you just have to do that.  You can see more of today’s photos on my flickr page.  Off to list more pendants over at etsy!


4 thoughts on “Afternoon Filtered Tree Light

  1. Nice shot. Oh those bags are awesome. I just have a plain old NIKON bag 😦 Who knew they made fancy bags for cameras (well, of course you did 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend, T.:)

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