Autumn’s Bounty

It is a wet and dreary Autumn day here in Kansas.  I was sitting in my Jeep outside the gym and noticed this tree.  I liked the way the rain dripping down the windshield created the illusion of paint drips.

Since it was so blah outside I decided to make some chili.  There are many reasons I love chili.  I love the way it makes my house smell.  The garlic, onion, jalapeno and spices all create an amazing scent .  I also like to cook chili.  I love to chop the vegetables,  saute them, then combine the spices and wait for it all to simmer into yummy goodness.  There are certain ingredients that I must have in my chili. Garlic, onions and a dash of cocoa are a must  in my opinion.  Do you have ingredients that make your chili special?  I know my friend Megan is going to say cumin.  I might post a photo of the bowl before I eat.  Unless I forget 🙂


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