The Adventure to Nebraska.

Nebraska Capital Building, tallest capital in the nation

It had been a while since we had been out-of-town so this Labor Day Weekend we trekked up to Nebraska.  The only destination we had in mind was to visit the Strategic Air & Space Museum in Ashland.  This was a no plan road trip, the best kind to have.  Since the museum is located between Lincoln and Omaha, we decided to travel to Lincoln, spend the night then stop at the museum on our way to Omaha.  While in Lincoln we visited the State Capitol Building, had a lovely dinner at Buzzard Billy’s home of the Armadillo Eggs, which were divine, and a mini pub crawl downtown.  A very happy Sunday was had by all.

Strategic Air & Space Museum

We drove over to Ashland the next day, went to the museum and looked at some historic planes. It was pretty cool.  They also had a model of the Pod Racer used in the Phantom Menace. Even though I am not a fan of that movie, it was still cool to see.

Pod Racer from Phantom Menace

We then headed to Omaha and went to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  If you have not been here it is a must visit if ever in Nebraska.  The exhibits are amazing and the place is HUGE! They have an Imax theater, a butterfly pavilion, aquarium with sharks and my favorite the Desert Dome.  We were there for three hours and didn’t get to see it all.

Tiger @ Omaha Zoo

We went out to dinner that night at the Upstream Brewery and then hit a couple of pubs before calling it a night.  We came home on Tuesday but stopped by the Combat Air Museum in Topeka for some more airplane viewing.  I got some great source imagery, for some new work I want to explore, in this rusty old hanger.  It was a much-needed mini vacation and I had a blast!  Sometimes two days out-of-town is all you need to recharge your batteries.  I will be uploading images all week to a set on my flickr account as I edit them.


Plane Light 242/365 Project

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