It’s Hotter than Hades!

Camels 217/365 Project

It’s about a bagillion million degrees outside today so I stayed inside and caught up on some TV.  At the beginning of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations episode about Dubai they had this great shot of camels in the desert.  I paused, grabbed my iPhone and began to shoot.  They like to use a lot of fades between shots so I went forward a few frames on the DVR until I got just the right scene.  It was a fun way to spend an hour.  Hopefully this heat wave will break this weekend and I can go outside and shoot.  Maybe Saturday 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s Hotter than Hades!

  1. I think this was one of his best episodes. Dubai seems like a great and safe place to visit. There are a few hotels that I would like to visit and stay at. I also want to see all the man made islands. I came to your blog from your comment on Zemanta and I see you’ve used it already on your latest post. Me too.

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