Tales of a Garden Killer

Grungy Flower 205/365 Project

This photo is the last blooming flower in my garden.  This sad little Cone Flower that has managed to survive a the extreme Summer heat that we have in Kansas.  The heat is not entirely to blame, because I have been awful about watering.  We have had days of torrential rain and then weeks of drought so I forget to water. Oh well, I shall just cut it all back and plant some Autumn plants.  Any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “Tales of a Garden Killer

  1. I guess Mums are the ones 🙂 But it is a great time to plant bulbs for next year 🙂 Good luck, the weather everywhere has seemed a bit weird this year 🙂 T.

  2. Fall is the perfect time to plant more perennials (say, early September), or to mulch like mad (now or anytime after), so it all breaks down and makes the survivors stronger (and more resilient to drought) next year. And mark my words, some of the plants you think are dead are not. If you need echinacea, let me know, and I’ll bring you a carload.

  3. I had the same problem and now I have a big hole in my front yard full of dead things. I bought some end of the season annuals, vinca (the plant dude SWEARS it will transplant even this late) and something else just to look less like a murderess. I also mulched like mad. Now I’m no longer embarrassed by people walking by my house. I plan to try different annuals next year. Who knew that echinacea would be such a wilty pain in the arse. Good luck. At least yours made a beautiful photo!

  4. You’d be surprised what will come back, Trina. Coneflowers are very hearty.
    Once the weather cools a bit, some flowers will reemerge.

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