My Ultimate Dream Vacation!

Sunflower 185/365 Project

I took this photo of a sunflower today and edited it with the new Luxe actions from Ms. Florabella. They are fabulous!  Aside from that I really didn’t have much to say today so I went over to Plinky for a blog prompt.  The question was, “Describe your dream vacation.” Sometimes, when I am bored,  I plan fantasy vacations for myself. Sometimes I actually take them.  In my latest fantasy vacay  I would travel to France to watch the Tour and to visit, paint and photograph scenes from famous artist.  I would love to visit Monet’s gardens or go to Arles and Avignon to see where Van Gogh painted.  To ultimately end in Paris to explore what inspired, Matisse, Picasso and Duchamp. I would go to the Louvre, and the Musee d’Orsay and stroll down the champ de Élysée.  I think I would need around 3 months to enjoy this vacation.  Hopefully someday soon.

I would love to hear about your dram vacation!


4 thoughts on “My Ultimate Dream Vacation!

  1. Love that shot!
    Dream vacation–A leisurely stroll through Europe. Especially France, Germany, Austria, Italy–hopping over to Greece for a bit. Wouldn’t mind taking in Hungary and Czechslovakia too. When do you want to go?

  2. Oh I love Paris! Have been there twice, and soooo itching to go back. Would love to visit the south of France too… I hear it is gorgeous! I am off to daydream now! 😉

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