Primary Colors

Question: You only get three crayons to make your picture. Which do you choose?

Primary 176/365 Project

I chose these colors because they are the primary colors. These three colors can be combined to make many other colors. That might be cheating, however, I have been known to bend the rules in my favor now and again. Those of you who know me know my favorite color, for accessories only, is Pink. Love, love, love, PINK! I have a pink wallet, phone, Gameboy and computer. You will rarely see me wearing Pink.  After all I am not crazy. I do have colors I don’t like. Purple and blue-green, like the color of a 1990’s Ford Taurus, are two that come to mind. Here’s to most of the colors of the rainbow!

Make sure to answer the question in the comments! Love to know what your favorite colors are 🙂


13 thoughts on “Primary Colors

  1. In answer to your question, I’m with you. The primary colors are a great option for creating whatever color you need. My favorite color is a little harder I like bright fun colors like orange, blue, and purple, but my favorite is black.

  2. Since you know me so well, I’d have to go with red and blue so I can make the loverly color of purple! I would throw green in for good measure as well. You can create a lot from that!!

  3. What is up with girls and pinks!? I am STILL in a fuschia phase, purse, shoes, phones, mp3 player…I can’t get enough. I am LOVING bright orange as well… Must be something about how the retinas age, I have no idea! Nice photos, I came over from Traci Bunkers site/blog. I was amazed with the clouds as I drove back from CO last month. They were low, huge and just so thick and cottony looking. Couldn’t get a good pic while driving, tho!! Love KS and all it has to offer geographically. Thanks for sharing you awesomeness!!

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