‘Roid Week Day 2: 119/365 Project

This photo of a cement factory was taken just east of my house.  I liked how brightly white the factory looked against the blue Kansas sky.  I shot this on Type 100 Blue Polaroid film with my 104 Land Camera.  I like that it has a cyanotype feel about it.  This camera was made from 1965-1967 and it still works.  I am curious, do you have anything that’s 40 plus years old that still works?  Granted, I did have to re-wire the camera to take modern batteries but other than that it is in factory conditions.  I think that’s why I love it.  When I am out shooting with this camera I get the oddest stares and people are quite curious as to what I am doing with this contraption. The best part is it still takes cool images. Happy ‘Roid Week!


2 thoughts on “‘Roid Week Day 2: 119/365 Project

  1. Valerie I am totally enamored with this type 100 blue film. I only have 3 shots left in the pack and then it’s on to Sepia! Thanks as always 🙂

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