Chocolate ‘Roid’ Train 114/365 Project

I talked a little yesterday about taking Polaroids and I just couldn’t wait until Monday, for ‘Roid Week’, to share.  This is the Polaroid  100 Chocolate Giambara pack film from the Impossible Project.  This film produces some amazing, rich images.  Scanning the images doesn’t really do them justice.  I have a strange fascination with trains and urban environments.  In my photography class in college we had to pick a subject to document all semester and I chose trains.  Maybe it’s because train is an anagram for Trina.  I like that this image seems to come from another place.  Like the train just rolled out of 1940’s Prague into Lawrence, Kansas.  I have a pack of Sepia & Blue Polaroid film left to shoot. Which should I use first?  Take the poll on the right.


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