Blossoming Spring 105/365 Project

I like this image of this blooming tree.  I ran Florabella’s Vintage Summer II action and then added the fishnet texture to enhance the colors and to bring out the yellow and greens.  I have noticed since I changed the settings on my camera that my images are more sharp and vivid.  I still like a subtle background, however, the sharpness is a nice contrast, don’t you think ?


9 thoughts on “Blossoming Spring 105/365 Project

  1. This is really pretty, I love the colours. The yellow and pinks work so well together. (Subtle backgrounds work really well with this kind of shot.)

    (I see you are a member of clickinmoms. Do you know why loads of people are coming to my site today from there? I’m not a member so I can’t see!)

    1. Thanks Catherine. There was a thread on clickinmoms about favorite photography websites and I mentioned your name. I hope that’s okay! If not just let me know.

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