Easter Egg 90/365 Project

Happy Easter! I ended up on Martha Stewart’s website the other day and ran across her easter egg decorating ideas. I decided to blow out an egg and give the tissue paper egg a try.  I cut out these floral shapes with a punch using pink, yellow, orange and blue tissue paper and adhered them with Mod Podge.  At first I was trying to make a pattern and then the artist in me said to just put them on in an interesting way. After all I am not Martha.  I like the way it turned out. Bright, colorful & me!

On another note,  I have added a new etsy widget to my sidebar.  What do you think?  It allows you to scroll through my shop right here on my blog.  If you click on an image it will bring up the description, price, the opportunity to buy the item and it will re-direct you over to my etsy shop.  Go ahead and take it for a spin.  Thanks to the people at etsy seller ads for the code and the easy peasy instructions.


4 thoughts on “Easter Egg 90/365 Project

  1. Ah, so cute! I love decorating eggs. I can’t wait until Johnny is old enough so we can have Aunt Trina over to help us do creative egg decorating!

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