Digital Photography Technique: Clipping Mask

My friend bought me these lovely Pantone Espresso Mugs as a present.  Even though I rarely use them they are great subjects for photos.   So today I decided to take some images and design a collection using clipping masks in Adobe photoshop.  If you haven’t used this technique before I encourage you to try.  It is a fun and creative way to exhibit your photos.  The lovely Rita over at CoffeeShop has an easy and informative tutorial all about making and using clipping mask.  There are also some free downloads of her storyboards which make it even easier.

I used four different actions  from Nelly Nero, poisoned peach, seaweed, hint of sepia and whipped cream, then layered a subtle texture over these images.  They were all taken at the same exposure and aperture  yet I find it interesting how each image varies slightly form the next.  It just shows that there is no right or wrong way to post process your images.  I know that most photographers will tell you it is mandatory that you have a workflow, however, I haven’t developed one yet.  I do look at the histogram and levels before I start to edit an image just so I have a solid base and am not working against myself.  I prescribe to the Bob Ross mentality of  happy accidents.  It’s just more fun for me that way.  So I am curious to know what your post processing workflow is like.  Are you a strictly regimented person, a tweak until you get an image you like or somewhere in between.  Happy Hump Day!


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