Neslon Atkins Atrium 67/365 Project

Since there weren’t any basketball games until 6pm tonight, we decided to take an afternoon trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  We went and looked around the new Bloch Building.  They were showing an exhibit called Exploring Egypt which is a collection of 19th century photography.  It was pretty amazing to see how untouched the ruins were during this time.  It was also interesting to read the extent to which these photographers went to to capture these images.  From battling malaria to using tombs to develop their plates. Amazing!

We then stopped into the Rozelle Court Restaurant to have lunch and that is where I took this photo.  The light in this courtyard is stunning.  It feels like you were transported into a Italian Piazza with fountain in the middle of the room, the light and the terracotta floor.  I chose to edit this image in a slight sepia tone because I think it gives it the right tone and sense of place.  I also took a shot of the ceiling which you can see here. Have you been to an art museum lately?  If so where?


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