Pod Stalks 60/365 Project

I wanted to try something different today.  I was trying to achieve a fake tilt shift image. The idea of  Tilt shift photography is that you make an image or scene look like a miniature.  This effect can be achieved with a camera or can be simulated in Photoshop.  This first image I attempted to mimic the effect and it works but is not as dramatic as other photos I have seen.  Luckily Rita at Coffeeshop was one step ahead of me.  She made this cool little action called Teeny Tiny World which did a much better job at achieving the effect than my attempts.  You can see from my image of Puerto Rico how it is supposed to look.

Isn’t that cool?  You can see my original image here. I am not sure if I will use this in the future but it might come in handy for a future project.  There are several sites that allow you to upload an image to get this effect. Go give it a try and let me know how you like it.


Tilt Shift Generator

Tilt Shift Maker

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