Pink Flowers 57/365 Project

I bought a bouquet of flowers at the grocery today because I love these pretty little pink flowers.  I processed this image with the seaweed action from Ms. Nelly Nero and added a vintage canvas layer from Shadowhouse Creations, who offers some amazing and free textures.  I like the texture totally changes the color of the background in this photo and warms it up to give a nice contrast from the flowers.  I have added this photo to my etsy shop in 5×7 and 8×10 sizes.

I found an interesting ebook that anyone  who creates should read.  It’s called ‘ The Path‘.  It’s a free download, and you all know how much I like free, and very insightful.  Although it is geared toward photographers, it speaks to the artist about the most important component in being creative.  The artist.  I also like that it was written to read at your own pace in whatever chapter interest you. Definitely worth checking out.


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