Apple & Wooden Bowl 39/365 Project

I bought a wooden salad bowl yesterday. Me and my old man like to eat salad with dinner so I thought we needed a proper bowl.  I tweaked this image a bit in photoshop by adjusting the curves and adding a texture, but I didn’t want to make it to complicated.  You might have noticed some changes to the blog.  I thought it would be fun to have the main page be a rotating gallery of curated images that I could change every week.  The video was simple enough to make in Windows Media Player.  Then I just uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it here.  I discovered that in order to for the video player to be visible in WordPress you must enter the code in html mode. Otherwise you just get a link, which is no fun  for anyone. Oh I almost forgot! I am running a coupon here so go check it out!


2 thoughts on “Apple & Wooden Bowl 39/365 Project

    1. Thanks Valerie! My plan is to make one of these video features every month with a different theme to showcase my varied interest.

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