Snowy Tree Tops 33/365 Project

Yesterday’s post did not happen. I did take a photo for my 365 Project  and you can view it here. It is snowing here today and I took out my Sigma 18-200mm lens with the Nikon D80 so I could get close to these fluffy tree tops.  I then ran a whipped cream action form Nelly Nero and added a sepia toned layer to give it some depth.  Doesn’t that snow look like big tufts of whipped cream?  I think all this snow and lack of sunshine is making me a bit crazy.  Bring on the Spring!


9 thoughts on “Snowy Tree Tops 33/365 Project

  1. It reminds me of pussy willow!
    Is there pussy willow in Kansas? I just realized I haven’t seen any for .. way too long.

    1. Great observation Ms. Rae. I think they do have pussy willows in Kansas. I think I saw some out by Clinton Lake. Maybe.

  2. Hi-
    Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words regarding some of my photos.
    It would be a dream/possible future goal of mine to offer them for sale on etsy…As soon as I gain more confidence maybe?
    Your photos are really lovely- I love the muted colors and angles.

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