Snowy Lake 10/365 Project

It was 45 degrees today so I jumped at the opportunity to go for a walk and get off my treadmill.  I was halfway into my walk and decided to take a photo when my camera had a CAD error. I have never seen this before and was convinced that I had broken my beloved D80.  Luckily I had my phone and went to my good friend google to troubleshoot the error.  It turns out the lock slide on the  SD card had inadvertently been set to lock.  Simple fix and I was back shooting more photos.  I like the diverging tracks across the lake in this image. It makes you wonder, what made those tracks? I am sure they were animal tracks because they were all over the lake.  I edited this with the Whipped Cream action from Nelly Nero and added a sepia toned layer to bring out the trees in the background.  Hope you got out to enjoy the day!


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