Snowy Tree 3/365 Project

It’s snowing here…again.  I can’t remember a recent Winter when we have had this much snow and cold.  It seemed like a great day to chill in the studio and get some work done.  I took this photo outside my house looking South to my neighbor’s yard.  Usually I edit snowy photos in black and white.  When I looked at this image on the computer I really wanted to pull out the reddish browns in the tree.  I copied the image and changed it to a duo-toned image with a brick red and black.  I then added it to a new layer and set the opacity to ‘overlay’.  I like the way the dark  and reddish tones come out subtly.  When I first experimented with making duo-toned images I wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate it into my work.  I like the results of this image and want to investigate more.  After all, it appears it will never quit snowing so look forward to a lot of snowy Kansas photos.


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