Work in progress

fjord in progress

I wanted to share a new piece and a new direction in my work.  Recently I have wanted to get back to my painting but have had a hard time getting motivated.  After countless hours online I stumbled across the technique of encaustic painting, or painting with beeswax.  It is a technique that will allow me to continue to work in a collage style and paint at the same time.  This image has an image transfer of a photo, watercolor, oil paint that has been rubbed into etched wax, and tissue paper all nestled between layers of beeswax.  I have been working on perfecting my technique for about a month and I think I finally know where I am headed.  Another thing I like about encaustic painting is the final image can be buffed to a shine.  Although it is difficult to see in this image the surface is tactile and shiny. If you click on the image the larger image reflects the texture.   I am working on three of these panels right now and hope to have 10-12 finished by Jan16 when I will be showing them at The Blue Dot Salon.


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