Seed Pod

Seed Pod

I took this image in my neighbor’s yard. I have no idea if this is a flower or a weed, but I liked the wispy seed pod.  I wanted this image to be delicate so I washed out the color, added a layer of subtle pink and a layer of black and white to give it some contrast.

On another note, my friend was wearing one of my Art Pendants and ran into the proprietor for the Phoenix Gallery.  I am meeting with her Friday to discuss displaying them, along with my photos in her gallery.  I have had some really great things happen for my art over the last few weeks. I am grateful indeed.


Evening edit: Our pals over at flickr have installed a gallery function that allows you to curate your very own galleries.  Here is my first one. So cool!


6 thoughts on “Seed Pod

  1. That, my dear, is milkweed and helps little caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies.

    The owners of Phoenix are so awesome! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    Do we still have a girl’s night on Friday? XO

  2. Hey! That is incredible news! I’m so pleased. You totally deserve it.

    PS – Lulu is having the girls over to her house on Saturday night for some low key patio sitting… I will be there, sans baby. Come if you have time!

    1. Thanks Megan! I am working until 8pm. I might text you to see if you are still there. I little night with the ladies is just what I need 🙂

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