Weaving Loom


I went downtown today for a haircut at the Blue Dot Salon,  went to lunch at Wheatfield’s and stopped by some other shops along the way.  I love spending an afternoon looking, shopping, eating and of course photographing lovely downtown Lawrence.  I wandered into the Yarn Barn to look at all the different yarn.  I am not a knitter nor do I crochet, but I enjoy looking at all of the different colored yarn and thinking about all the possibilities.  When I saw this photo of the loom I was inspired by the abstract nature of the wood and the strings. So elegant, like a harp or guitar.  Would I ever want to learn to weave?  Maybe.  I really like the subtleness that is captured in this photo. I also really like the bokeh.  What a lovely day!



4 thoughts on “Weaving Loom

  1. Beautiful shot as always. The strings almost look like water cascading over the wood. I crochet and knit, but one of my most favorite things was the weaving classes I took at a local art center. There was something almost meditative about pushing the pedals in a certain rhythm while moving the yarn back and forth. This photograph captures that quality.

    1. Thanks JKC! I love your comments. I have always wanted to learn to weave. My favorite art teacher in high school was a weaver and she made some amazing art. Maybe someday I will venture into this art form.

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