A New Series

Adirondack Chairs Collage

I have never considered working in series, however, over the couple of months I am beginning to see the value in it.  Looking back through my work from the photos to the collages and now to this series of stenciled collages I am seeing a thread throughout. The work has transformed itself almost without any effort. The ideas are continuing to flow and inform each other.  This is another digital collage made in ArtRage.  I discovered that you can make stencils from photos, which is how I included the chair scene.  One of my favorite things about this program is that it incorporates layers so you can build up your images.  I also like that it is better suited for painting than photoshop. Onward we go.



4 thoughts on “A New Series

    1. Thanks Bri! I am still trying to decide how to print these. I am thinking either watercolor paper or canvas. Any thought?

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