Two Horses

two horses

I hope everbody had a fun and safe Fourth of July.  We went out to the X Bar Ranch to celebrate our independence with some friends.  These two lovely horses decided to come out and see what all the excitement was about.  I probably wouldn’t have thought to take photos had it not been for my friend Linda who just made her ‘Green Valley’ set on flickr. Her photos were so lovely I just had to try for myself.  So I grabbed my trusty Sony Cybershot H3 and zoomed in and started shooting.  I always forget how reliable this camera is and how amazing the zoom quality can be.

I had a hard time deciding how to process this image.  I wanted it to feel like sunkissed summer and have a feeling of time and place.  I settled on a very sublte brown wallpaper pattern, a layer of watercolor paper and a sepia toned duplicate background layer to achieve this effect.  I liked how the green grass fades into the background and that the grass in general looks dry and crisp. That feels like Kansas Summer.  I also like that the color is a tad bleached out to give it that sunkissed summer feel.  I took about thirty of these so you might see them scattered about this weeks post.



12 thoughts on “Two Horses

  1. I can almost smell the grass, feel the sun, and hear the crickets. You managed to capture a Kansas summer. Happy 4th!

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