Pyrex Bowl

Pyrex Bowls

I went by the Antique Mall to look for some old silverware for some photos I have in mind.  I took my camera and walked around looking at all the antique goodness.  I decided to take some photos of some of the lovely vintage items.  You have to be quite sneaky about taking photos in the Anitque Mall because they have strict rules against it.  I know because I have been scolded on several occassions and yet I just can’t help myself.  Luckily, I found the silverware and was carrying it around with me while sneaking photos and nobody said a word.  I guess if you are purchasing something it is okay.  I added a coffee stained paper layer, which I got from my friend over at Lost and Taken and just tweaked the color a bit.  I wanted to preserve the lovely color of the Pyrex bowls but give it a vintage feel the the paper layer.  I wonder why they quit making these amazing colored bowls.  I might have to buy a couple after all.



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