Tapestry Rose

tapestry rose

I thought this rose would look interesting with my favorite blue bowl.  I wanted to create a tapestry feel so I added a canvas layer and a vintage wallpaper layer.  It’s a little hard to see the texture in the small photo, but your can view the larger size here. As usual I took more than one photo and I couldn’t decide which one to post so today we shall have two photos to view. Happy Thursday!

Rose Bowl



2 thoughts on “Tapestry Rose

  1. Top picture: All of the elements I love in your blue bowl pictures….simple and elegant layout and love how the wallpaper effect looks in the shadows (and I love the crisp shadows you always produce). The second pic, I have to admit, is my favorite of the two. The front rose has the potential to dominate but the way you laid out the left side moves the eye around, especially the out of focus effect on the back left flower. Your eye clearly goes to the front rose first, but then it catches this little subtle thing going on on the left side and you have to look. Beautiful composition!

  2. jkc I love it when you stop by. In the second photo I did add a bit more pink to the rose to bring the focus to the front. The rest is my 50mm lens which has changed my world and how I view it.

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