Cone Flowers

cone flowers

Another super hot day so I wanted to take a photo to illustrate the weather.  I snuck into my neighbors yard and took a photo of  her coneflowers. The high summer sun washes the color out of the world so I decided to use a photocopy filter to blow out the contrast.  I think I achieved the desired effect.  This might be good as a Poladroid.



2 thoughts on “Cone Flowers

  1. Nope, way better than a Poladroid. The contrast of the sharpness of the front flower (the cone looking looking like sharp dots while the pink looks slashed on with acrylic paint) verses the back right flower (the cone looks like the fur on a stuffed animal and the pink looks like wet on wet watercolor) is gorgeous!

    1. jkc,

      I really enjoy your comments because it seems that you really look at the work. Thanks again for your insightful comments!

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