Birds & Beach Abstract

bird beach

For the next few days we are under a heat advisory here in Kansas.  The temperature is hovering around 100 degrees which combined with the humidity makes it feel more like 110 degrees.  Entirely too hot to venture out for photos.  This image is a recycled image from my trip to Puerto Vallarta last year.  I have added some textures, lines and layers to enhance the ocean feeling.  The lower half of the photo feels like it’s underwater, maybe in a reef.  I also started working on some new work which I can hopefully show you tomorrow.  Until then I will stay inside in the A/C so as not to melt.



2 thoughts on “Birds & Beach Abstract

  1. wow… that is hot. it rarely get’s that hot up here.. but from time to time, there are scorcher days, and since its so rare, very few houses here have a/c…

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