Blue Bowl & Chopsticks

blue bowl chopsticks

I was going to post a different photo for today, however, my friend over at Lost and Taken posted some new vintage wallpaper samples for download.  I just had to use one for today’s post.  I didn’t have a subject for the photo but found these chopsticks in the utensil drawer and decided they would go nicely with the blue bowl.  I made a slight change and used a pallette knife tool instead of  the watercolor tool to change the texture and feel.  It is definately more painterly and the background seems to intergrate better into the overall photo.  I really wanted the focus to be on the tips of the chopsticks to emphasize the sqaureness.  I think it succeeds in that aspect.  I also like the light and shadow of the bowl.  I am not sure where these are taking me, but it is fun exploring new ideas.



5 thoughts on “Blue Bowl & Chopsticks

  1. I really love the stuff you’ve been working on, lately. The pictures totally stand on their own, but the descriptions in the blog (which looks AWESOME, btw) just keep me coming back for more. You remind me of ancient high school art classes I had sketching still lives – and why they’re just darn cool as both process and product.

    Freakin’ damn lovely. And inspiring. Thank you!

  2. The focus on the tips of the chopsticks and then fading in focus as you follow them to the other end is beautiful. Also, I really like how the wallpaper effect seems to curve around the bowl especially on the right inside. Even though the wallpaper is an overall effect, that little curve seems to make it look like it’s a different pattern that’s a part of the bowl.

  3. Thanks Lucile for the lovely comments! I have really enjoyed making these.

    jkc, I see what you mean about the bowl. I had not noticed that before 🙂

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