Window Sill

windowsill planters

My kitchen window sill is ever changing.  You can tell quite a bit from a person’s window sill. What colors they like.  Are they a neat freak?  Do they enjoy nature?  Currently I have a vase, some dish soap, and an alien on my sill. Today I added a couple of McCoy planters that I found over the weekend.  Apparently people collect these items.  I just thought they were cute and would be great planters for my ‘phil’s’ that have been residing in spaghetti sauce jars for months.  When it comes to things, I am not much of a collector for collectors sake. I don’t buy items to sit on shelves or to house in cabinets.  If I can’t use it what’s the point?   Anyhow, I took this photo and have decided to continue the still lifes with the added twist that this week they will altered to resemble watercolors.  I might even paint a few watercolors here or there.  You might want to view this larger to see the full watercolor effect



2 thoughts on “Window Sill

  1. McCoy has great planters. I think you need one of the ladies with the hole in the hat for a plant! Of course, those are quite pricey now.
    Great shot!

    1. Thanks DebiD! I went and looked up the planters and there are some nice ones. If I find a good bargain I might buy some more.

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