Peony Macro


Peonies are my favorite flower and pink peonies are to die for! I currently don’t have any in my yard, but hope to someday. In the meantime, I crept into my neighbors yard to take photos of her peonies which are about to bloom. I liked the shot straight out of the camera, however, it seemed to be missing something. In my opinion, peonies look best as watercolors. So I decided to add a slight watercolor filter to this photo. It is ever so subtle but I think it makes all the difference.



5 thoughts on “Peony Macro

  1. I stole into the neighbor’s yard on Sunday to purloin their peonies (they aren’t gardeners and don’t appreciate the simple beauty of the blooms). Stole 6 just opened buds, washed them clear of the ants and have been enjoying that fragrant smell ever since.
    Great pix!

  2. They’re my faves too.

    We moved our peony bush (small and sad as it is) this year and I don’t think we’ll get any blooms off it. Last year, we got a whopping two. I want to cry when I drive by my neighbors with the huge bushes with peonies just weighing them down. Maybe I’ll start carrying clippers in my car.

  3. Since I don’t have any I just take photos of them 🙂 My neighbor said she would give me some but I don’t want to beg…yet.

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