Green Featured Artist

I have decided to do a Friday Feature of some of my favorite etsy artist. This week it is the talented Jaimee McClellan.
Jaimee is a photographer I found through my Photographers of Etsy group. She takes these lovely photographs that speak to another time and place. They are full of wonder and curiousity. I encourage to see some of her other work on her blog or in her etsy shop, ModernClassicsPaper

What inspires your photos?
Everything…Nature, Life, other artists. A big element of what inspires me is light. I like early morning or sunset. The way the light hits things with a glare and creates interesting shadows.

How long have you been taking photos?
Having grown up with a photographer for a Father, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t taking pictures. Asking my Dad all the time, “Can I try?” I took all the classes in High School and then continued when I went off to college. Although, I graduated with a BFA focusing on Textiles, I dabbled in just about every medium…photography being one. Today, I’m always the one with the camera. It’s instilled in me to never leave home without it. You never know what you might find & when you might find it so it’s best to be prepared.

Do you have a favorite subject to photograph?
I don’t have one particular subject I like to shoot but tend to gravitate toward the rustic, vintage, aged look – if that’s a look. It all really just depends on what mood I’m in that day and what catches my eye.

Do you shoot primarily digital, film or both?
I used to use film, especially while at college when there was a free lab at my disposal. These days, I’m digital.

What is your favorite camera?
I’d have to say my trusty Canon is my favorite. She hasn’t done me wrong yet!

What is your favorite post processing technique?
I’ve had tons of fun shooting my own layers. Old window panes work wonders and then I “soup” them up in Adobe Fireworks.

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