'Roid week 2009

pink-fake-polaTwice a year Polaroid fans celebrate all the wonderful, instant goodness that is Polaroid by participating in ‘Roid Week. Alas, Polaroid has ceased production of their popular film. This has led to a gigantic increase in price to around $20 for 1 pack. That my friends, is ridiculous. Thus I will not be participating in ‘Roid Week. It is a sad day indeed.

Instead I am going to make fake Polas in Photoshop to satisfy my need for the squary photos. Purist will criticize, but this is purely for my sanity. It is quite easy to do in PS Elements 6. All you need is an action. There are many out there but Addicted to Design has a nice one. Actions can be a little tricky to install so I suggest downloading Add-O-Matic which is a drag and drop tool that puts the actions in the right folder for you. That’s it! So go out and make some fake Polas!



P.S. If you want to try more actions here is a cool free site

P.P.S. Check out the Poladroid!

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