World Pinhole Day


Next Sunday is World Pinhole Day so get out your cameras and shoot some photos. A pinhole camera is a basic camera with no lens and a small aperture.  Light passes through the small hole and  produces an inverted image on the other side.  You can make them out of almost anything.  People have made them out of cereal boxes, altoid tins and otameal boxes. Here is a link to a fun little 35 mm camera for you to build and take some photos!

2 thoughts on “World Pinhole Day

  1. I remember when this was my first project in photography class. I was so impatient about it because I just wanted to get to the ‘real’ stuff. Now I kind of miss it! Thanks for posting 🙂

    1. You are welcome Carolyn. I think you should make this camera and take some photos. These antiquated photos techniques are very important to me.

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