Observing the City

Observing the City, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

I have been wanting to incorporate a mannequin in my work, however, I found it impossible to find a reasonably priced, correct sized one. So I made one out of papier mache with Raylene, my Barbie, as the model. I covered her in plastic wrap and then papier mached over that with some old patterns I had laying around. The image in the foreground of this collage is said mannequin. I will post some photos later of the process and finished product. I adore this silhouette, which was what I was going for. I love it when a plan comes together!




6 thoughts on “Observing the City

  1. ooh nifty! I love your colors in this one too!

    I know a gal who has one on her front porch.. she always does some cool art and has a neat big barn-like shed in her backyard for her studio.
    Check my blog a couple days ago, I posted her etsy and such. She has some workshops coming up that look really interesting, too.

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