Ukulele Girl 344/365


Ukulele Girl 331/365, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

This young lady was kind enough to let me take her photo. Or maybe it was the $2 bribe I gave her. Anyway, trying to work out my new TTV setup with close up filters.



4 thoughts on “Ukulele Girl 344/365

  1. I love this musician. I love her! Impromptu and alive. Everything about her speaks of fun and casual. I woner what she is singing. I want to sit on a park bench or even on the curb and listen. Let me know if this goes on Etsy!

    BTW do you carry releases with you? I have not started doing so.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Kim. I don’t carry a release with me, I usually just ask if they mind if I take their photo. I guess I should probably do that. I am getting ready to update my etsy shop, since I have been ignoring it for a while, and this will be there soon. Thanks again Kim 🙂

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