El Yunque National Forest 289/365


El Yunque National Forest 289/365, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

We went hiking in El Yunque National Forest, which is the only tropical rain forest in the National Parks system. It was a relatively light hike of about 1mile out to La Mina Falls and then we turned around and came back. On the way back we drove along the north costal road to the city and saw some lovely coastling and a slice of Puerta Rican life outside of the city. Of course I took some photos along the way and have posted them to my flickr page.  I have included informational links under some photos.

Sunday is the last day of day trips and we are off to the Arecibo Observatory

Hasta Luego!


p.s. I almost forgot that I met these two lovely women artisans in the visitors center. I bought a linocut from Diane Cutter. It’s a cool little terrapin in black. I love it! You should difinately check out her work on etsy.  

I also met another lovely painter named Monica who makes lovely watercolors and oil paintings inspired by the rainforest.  Here is here etsy site. 



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