Puerto Rico Night 288/365


Puerto Rico Night 288/365, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

I took this last night from the balcony. It is my first night shot with the Nikon D80 and I think it turned out well since I didn’t have a tripod. I sat the camera on a table and used the timer. It seemed to work. I am hooked now. More night shots!

We are off to the rainforest this weekend and to see the Arecibo Observatory.


p.s. We went to see Body of Lies, a DiCaprio & Crowe jaunt.  It was a pretty good spy type movie set in the Middle East. The only problem was that there was some dialouge in Arabic, which usually is subtitled in English, but since we are in a Spanish speaking province it was subtitled in Spanish.  Needless to say I missed whole chunks of the movie.  I think I got the jist of it but maybe need to watch it again to make sure.


2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Night 288/365

  1. yes, more night shots!

    I’m so envious… Tday in Puerto Rico,… how lovely. thank you for the lovely pics.

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