Puerto Rico View 286/365


Puerto Rico View 286/365, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

I am spending a week in Puerto Rico visiting my guy. Here is a quick view from our room. Today we went and explored the Castillo San Cristobal which is a historic garrison built by the Spanish circa 1600.

It was neat to walk around inside and feel the history .The place is massive situated on about 27 acres. We did not see them all. It is quite beautiful here and I hope the photos do it justice. You can see more photos on my flickr page. 



2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico View 286/365

  1. I am so jealous–here I am searching for light. Taking photos in the Upper Peninsula with the sun setting each day around 5pm is awful. What was worse being in Chicago and having the sun go down at 4pm. (sigh) I will survive winter, right? Tell me…I have to know I survive

  2. You will survive the winter. I hate it when it gets dark so damn early. They do not observe daylight savings time in Puerto Rico so it is light a little longer. I am dreading returning to cold and dreary Kansas. Oh well. It just makes the Spring that much better 🙂

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