Leaf Diptych 210/365

Leaf Diptych 210/365, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

An early leaf diptych from my yard. I can’t believe they are already changing and falling. I enjoy the change of the seasons, enjoy the crispness of Autumn, but lament the passing of summer. It just seems so abrupt this year. I really needed one more blazing sunny day at the pool.  I enjoy the morning light in this photo even though it is not the dramatic light I normally go for.



2 thoughts on “Leaf Diptych 210/365

  1. One of the things I miss the most since I’ve moved away from Oregon, is falling leaves. There aren’t too many trees in Texas. There are some, but not enough to really see a difference between summer and fall. I enjoyed those pictures a lot.

  2. Tia,

    I don’t know what I would do without the changing seasons. So much of my photography is based around nature and it’s colors in different seasons. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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