Dowtown Umbrellas Diptych 202/365

I went downtown for a walk today looking to be inspired for today’s photo. I took about 25 photos, had lunch, came home and downloaded from my camera. After browsing though them I decide to play around with these two images in PS elements to see what I could come up with. The colors in these photos were substantially different in thier original state. I ran an action called ‘300 effect’  to even out the tone and neutralize some of the saturation of color. I think it makes the shapes in the photos stand out and the color feels like summer to me.

Happy Friday!


8 thoughts on “Dowtown Umbrellas Diptych 202/365

  1. Great umbrella photograph on the right. The lines are great. When I go out on photo hunts, I usually pick one thing to concentrate on and then look around for that thing or concept only. It’s a lot of fun and you can come out with the greatest photographs.

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