Old Ford| Trina Bake Photography

I saw this cool, old, green Ford pickup on my way to the bank this afternoon. It was begging to be photographed so I decided to shoot a quick study. ...


The Frozen Kaw River | Trina Baker Photography

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Rose Garden, Gage Park,Topeka|Trina Baker Photography

I had a photo shoot this morning at Gage Park in Topeka. Of course I had to stop by the Reinisch  Rose Garden for some photos. I have attended many weddings there and have some fond memories of this beautiful garden.  It was a truly enjoyable experience to wander around, take some photos and breathe in all the amazing scents. A lovely morning indeed.  I will share the photos from the shoot early next week. Have a lovely weekend!


Gage Park Rose Garden Trina Baker Photography

Rose Garden Trina Baker Photography Kansas

Rose Garden Gage Park Trina Baker Wedding Destination

Rose Garden Trina Baker Engagment Photography Destination

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas family photography

Gage Park Rose Garden Trina Baker Photographer Lawrence Kansas

Sully| Trina Baker Photography|Lawrence, Kansas

I got to meet this little guy last week. Sully is 11 months old and did not like my camera at all. All we were getting were frowny, old man faces. Then I started tickling his adorable little toes and he brightened up with so many smiles. Adorbs!
Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence, KS Portrait Photography Trina Baker Photography

Family Portraits Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence

Kid Photography Trina Baker Photography Kansas Portrait Photographer

Wordless Wednesday|Butterfly Garden|Trina Baker Photography

Butterfly Garden Gallery32 etsy flower shop

Butterfly Garden Gallery32etsy Butterfly Garden Gallery32 etsy Butterfly Garden Gallery32 etsys shop